How to Make Money as an Artist

How to Make Money as an Artist

If you've worked hard this year and you want to kick off 2022 and start selling and making money with your art then you've come to the right place but if you have no clue if you should even think about making money with your artwork this year or next year then we're gonna figure that out today.


1. Work in a corporate environment

This method usually requires or it's pretty popular to have a degree of some sort usually that's from a university or a college or an art school. So you go there, you get your degree and then you go apply to these schools.

However, because the art industry focuses on the art quality loss so much, you don't necessarily have to go to school to get a job. If you have a great portfolio and you worked harder than everyone else while they were at school, you can land a job just at least just as easily as anyone who went to the most prestigious art schools and you can be working in California drawing characters for someone and making a very nice living and having a very great lifestyle.


2. Become a freelancer

As a freelancer, you won't be working like you do in a corporate environment, you're probably going to be working at home or if you want to, you can have an office somewhere and work from there but you're basically going to be having your own set of clients and you're going to be working for them directly.

The time period for these projects can range from a couple of days to weeks to months to even very rarely years, as a result, you get paid on a much more rapid schedule, and sometimes you also get paid on a much lower schedule but you get Paige huge amounts of money at one time. so it requires you to be much much more independent and have good self-management skills for this.

As a freelancer, you're really gonna want to make sure you have a way for people to find you as a beginner because people are just gonna have to find you and you need to put yourself out there in order to land those clients.

The biggest way to do it is to just create an audience that's big enough for you to start having your artwork show up everywhere online but you don't necessarily need to do that, you can also just put your artwork on websites like ArtStation where employers often go browse artwork, find people, judge their quality level and they can hire them or get them an interview from there.

You can also apply to job offerings on websites like art station and some other ones, you can apply to either corporate jobs or smaller gigs and get your work done that way, and then hopefully eventually you can work your way up to the point where you've got enough clout, you know enough people to where projects just fall in your lap and you can decide to take them or not to take them and then you'll just have that kind of lifestyle where you're well known for your work and especially if you're good at one specific thing.


3. Just live as a self-employed artist

That's kind of the greatest option to a lot of people because you just create the artwork that you want, you don't create any creative content for other people, it's just for you and then you get paid for it and that sounds really great.

In today's world, we've become aware that becoming an entrepreneur or developing entrepreneurship skills in addition to your skills as an artist is really going to take you further and completely separate you from a lifestyle of struggling to a stable lifestyle or even a thriving lifestyle where you're working on your artwork.

You can get to the point where people sponsor you just to create your work intern for small perks here in there or something that's basically the same as you creating your work itself.

You can also get to the point where people are sponsoring you to use their products so that you're able to get a commission from them and then you're also getting a free product that allows you to create the work that you need to create.

You can also support yourself by selling products that you use or you've created to other artists and they're supporting you and you're supporting them, giving them value and that helps you sustain yourself as an artist as well.

When it comes to galleries and shows, you can still do all that stuff, but we have Instagram we have YouTube we have twitter we have Tumblr, and so you should be posting on all of those sites if you want to become an artist doing only what you want to do because that way you can actually get people to see what you are doing and just go on from there either they become part of your audience or they go straight to purchasing one of your artworks.

The other thing with the new age of being an artist in 2020 is there's so many different things you can do, you can sell your prints, you can sell your originals, you can sell stickers pins cups mugs shirts sweaters hoodies anything, it all depends on what you want to create.

It used to be that you had to be a prestigious artist and you had to get sponsored by a super high-end clothing company like Prada to get your artwork on clothing, but now you can just do it yourself, partner with the online company like Shopify and then use Teespring to shell your artwork on your clothing or you can even do something as simple as Redbubble or you can partnership with a somewhat reputable t-shirt or clothing brand and sell your artwork that way maybe as a bundle or maybe as a seasonal sale.

So that's all basically what I'm doing or what I'm slowly building myself up to do my ultimate goal is to become a simple just self-employed artist and slowly build myself up to become that way through my skills but also support myself financially by offering all these other things that allow me to continue to focus on my own art while bringing value to everyone else that chooses to support me.