MY STORY | From $0 To $1 Million (Shopify Dropshipping)

MY STORY | From $0 To $1 Million (Shopify Dropshipping)

My name is Matt and today I'm gonna be talking about my story and kind of how I got from where I was being a broke depressed college student to moving into my dream apartment building within a year.

I remember going to the store with my parents all time and going shopping and wanting to buy different items and my parents are always telling me oh we can't afford that, we can't afford to get this, we can't afford to get that, and I kind of grew up with the mindset that I was just one of those people who couldn't afford get the nice things that people had.

My parents always told me go to college get a good job and you'll be successful, but I knew that college wasn't the route that I wanted to take pretty early on.

When I got into high school and I saw the kind of lies that society tries to tell me and I just really didn't like the whole atmosphere of school, I hated going to school, listening to the teacher, I hated all that stuff so I knew that going to college wasn't in my best interest and I had to find some other way to make money.

It was about January of 2018, that I started my very first Ecommerce store and I made absolutely no money that first month, I actually ended up losing money my first-month advertising stuff courses and different things and there was in the second month my homie who was already doing Ecommerce, ended up showing me kind of mentoring me throughout the whole process.

Fast forward to about March of this year, I made 17 K that month and it was insane for me to go from making nothing and having like a part-time regular like retail job to actually making a decent amount of money and I ended up dropping out of school and just focusing full-time Ecommerce.

Fast-forward till about July of this year, me and my homie ended up starting a store together and we scaled it six figures in the first month and then in August of this year we started another store and we ended up scaling that store about $475,459.30 a month and then a couple months later we moved into our dream apartment in LA.

It's just crazy because a year ago I was literally just a broke college kid trying to figure out my way, trying to figure out my path in life and just being totally confused and lost and not knowing my direction in life.

For the first time in my life, I realized that being rich and having money wasn't necessarily something that you had to be born with, but it was actually something that you could work for it and actually get yourself.

                                                                                               By Matt Thomas