Top 4 Ways to Earn Money from Telegram

Top 4 Ways to Earn Money from Telegram

Telegram is not only the messenger full of new and original functions, but it's also a place where you can earn money possibly even staying at home. In this blog post, I'm gonna tell you the major ways of earning from telegram.



There are two types of channels informative and personal.

The informative channel

The informative channel according to its name will consist of information, it will be able to make money through advertising and other partnerships but you need to work hard for this to happen.

First of all, you need to create a channel that they will love, that they will subscribe to and read. Owing to the fact your channel is attractive to the user, it will also be interesting to the advertiser and you will get ad requests. Everything is simple you put up ads you get paid.

There is one more way to make money in this way. Having agreed with the advertiser, you create your own unique link and the more people follow the referral link and do something on the website profitable for the project, the more interest you get.

Many channel owners in telegram try to create as many various and useful telegram channels as possible, they are always in search of something new trying to experiment.

The personal channel

The other kind of channel that you can create is a personal one, the place where you can advertise your services. Advertise yourself, create your channel, post your works there, indicate the price and give your contacts, and such a channel will likely get ad requests.



Telegram has a large number of various bots that can help you make money, it's worth mentioning that not all bots are legitimate. According to our information, some of them only use your energy and time and don't pay what you've earned therefore you should thoroughly read the reviews and recommendations on the net. The idea of almost every telegram earning bot is that you perform specific tasks, for example, some bots give jobs for commenting pictures on Instagram, for each comment you get a certain amount of money.

There's a significant number of internet fraudsters, so I suggest that you check one or the other telegram but for real payments and don't forget to check which minimum amount you'll be allowed to cash out, after all this is another clever ruse you can win a few hundred but the minimum amount you can withdraw could be ten thousand.



The third type of income and it somehow supplements our first one is making money with geo-chats. A new feature telegram allows the user who wants to earn money to get closer to that consumer. You create a geo-chat saying you're an excellent hairdresser and do haircuts at home or in the saloon.

Geo chat can cover the area from 200 meters to 12 kilometers around. The client will be able to find a hairdresser convenient for them geographically as well as immediately find out about all the services and ask for information directly in the chat.



The fourth way to earn money is through the Telegram community. You can become the content manager who works for various channels providing them with specific content articles, reports, news, reviews, and stuff like that.

Generals value good content and are willing to pay for it, therefore if you have skills for this, it's worth a try. For example, you can write an article about music which you can then sell to a channel for a reasonable price, besides you can be an advertising manager of the channel, you can sell ads there or purchase them and make various arrangements between advertisers.

As you can see, there are enough opportunities in Telegram to make money, some ways are more accessible the others are more complicated but there is always plenty to choose from.