5 Things To Buy That MAKE You Money

5 Things To Buy That MAKE You Money

In this blog post, I will share five different things that you could buy, that in most cases will end up making you money over the long run, and putting you in a better financial position.

5 Items To Buy That MAKE You Money

1. Security cameras

Having security cameras for your home or your apartment. It can be pretty beneficial. It could be $20 or $30 that you pay for something like this. It can end up saving you a lot of headaches. When somebody Robs your house at some point in the future, and then you can see who it was, you can get all your stuff back right. It's gonna be an investment that I think is worth it for most people. It also gives you a little bit more peace of mind.

It's a little investment that you make, and it's going to save you so much trouble, especially if you get in car accidents, or if there's insurance fraud of any type, or if somebody just keys your car, you're gonna be able to see that person because you have a dash camera right there.

2. Solar panels

There's gonna be three primary factors that will help you decide, whether this is going to be a good investment, or it's just gonna be a terrible decision that you make, and then you regret dropping all that money on solar panels. When you live in a place like Oklahoma where the cost of energy is like eight cents per kilowatt-hour versus, probably doesn't make very much sense there. If you live in California and you can also get tax credits or in a state like Hawaii where the average cost of energy is well over 32 cents per kilowatt-hour, it could make a lot more sense.

Factoring those two things. How much Sun do you get? Do you have a roof in the first place? So factor all those in also including the tax benefits and see whether or not, it's going to be worth it for you. The one thing I really like about this is that it has that self-sufficiency sort of the idea behind it.
3. Bitcoin

I've never really made a blog post about this because it tends to get sort of a bad rap from a number of people and because there are some pretty skinny scummy things going on in this industry but that's actually a cryptocurrency.

I've sort of come around on this a little bit for cryptocurrency. I don't dump all of my money into cryptocurrency, but I do own some Bitcoin. I do own a couple of different currencies, but not extremely sizable mass because it is still pretty risky.

But if you just look at the average price of Bitcoin compared to the stock market in just 2020. You can see that it has far outperformed the stock market, especially when we have turbulent economic times like we do at the moment.

Having some Bitcoin, it does help alleviate some levels of stress that I have about the current society that we live in, and the current money system and fiat currencies.

4. Tools and Equipment

Buying tools and equipment in general, it's gonna save you money. If you want to save some money, and you want to get a better financial position, then just consider becoming a little bit more handy with the things around you. If your dishwasher breaks maybe learn how to fix it, if your car breaks down maybe try to learn how to fix it, or at least take a couple of steps to learn how to fix it, instead of taking it to the mechanic or instantly just calling the plumber because you have a leaky pipe which you could easily just fix by just tightening it, and you end up spending like $200 to get the plumber out there.

There's a lot of things that people just do, that it's a big waste of money. So become a little bit more handy and learn some things.

I got a toolbox when I was in college, my sophomore year it was like $20, I probably oughta from Walmart for $20, and it saved me a ton of money that I would have otherwise spent by having to call people to get people to fix stuff all the time.

5. buying a fan

This one, it's not going to be for everyone but there are some people out there that I think could actually benefit from this financially, and that's by buying a fan like a 10 or 15 dollar fan from Walmart and using that, instead of cooling your entire house with an air conditioner with a central cooling system that might cost you two hundred, and forty-five dollars per month to cool a 1200 square foot house.

Cooling a house with air conditioning can actually be really expensive, it takes up a lot of energy and it's also really not necessary in my opinion based off of where I live.

So just start using fans instead of air conditioners because they really can rack up an electricity bill very very much.