Top 4 Ways to Earn Money from Telegram

Top 4 Ways to Earn Money from Telegram

Telegram is not only the messenger full of new and original functions, but it's also a place where you can earn money possibly even staying at home. In this blog post, I'm gonna tell you the major ways of earning from telegram.


There are two types of channels informative and personal.

The informative channel

The informative channel according to its name will consist of information, it will be able to make money through advertising and other partnerships but you need to work hard for this to happen.

First of all, you need to create a channel that they will love, that they will subscribe to and read. Owing to the fact your channel is attractive to the user, it will also be interesting to the advertiser and you will get ad requests. Everything is simple you put up ads you get paid.

There is one more way to make money in this way. Having agreed with the advertiser, you create your own unique link and the more people follow the referral link and do something on the website profitable for the project, the more interest you get.

Many channel owners in telegram try to create as many various and useful telegram channels as possible, they are always in search of something new trying to experiment.

The personal channel

The other kind of channel that you can create is a personal one, the place where you can advertise your services. Advertise yourself, create your channel, post your works there, indicate the price and give your contacts, and such a channel will likely get ad requests.


Telegram has a large number of various bots that can help you make money, it's worth mentioning that not all bots are legitimate. According to our information, some of them only use your energy and time and don't pay what you've earned therefore you should thoroughly read the reviews and recommendations on the net. The idea of almost every telegram earning bot is that you perform specific tasks, for example some bots give jobs for commenting pictures on Instagram, for each comment you get a certain amount of money.

There's a significant number of internet fraudsters, so I suggest that you check one or the other telegram but for real payments and don't forget to check which minimum amount you'll be allowed to cash out, after all this is another clever ruse you can win a few hundred but the minimum amount you can withdraw could be ten thousand.


The third type of income and it somehow supplements our first one is making money with geo-chats. A new feature telegram allows the user who wants to earn money to get closer to that consumer. You create a geo-chat saying you're an excellent hairdresser and do haircuts at home or in the saloon.

Geo chat can cover the area from 200 meters to 12 kilometers around. The client will be able to find a hairdresser convenient for them geographically as well as immediately find out about all the services and ask for information directly in the chat.


The fourth way to earn money is through the Telegram community. You can become the content manager who works for various channels providing them with specific content articles, reports, news, reviews and stuff like that.

Generals value good content and are willing to pay for it, therefore if you have skills for this it's worth a try. For example, you can write an article about music which you can then sell to a channel for a reasonable price, besides you can be an advertising manager of the channel, you can sell ads there or purchase them and make various arrangements between advertisers.

As you can see, there are enough opportunities in Telegram to make money, some ways are more accessible the others are more complicated but there is always plenty to choose from.

Pet Hacks To Save you Money

Pet Hacks To Save you Money

today's blog post is going to be my three tips on how you can save money at pet stores

The idea for this blog post came to me the other day when I was actually at Petco and I was getting some pet supplies for my hamster and my other animals and the girl who was checking me out she was like wow you saved like $11 on the shopping trip. So I thought that I would write this blog post showing you how I save money whenever I go get my pet supplies.

if you have pets that it can be kind of pricey, so these are just my tips and tricks for how I save money whenever I go.


If you sign up with Petco or pet smart rewards and you give them your address and information, they should send you coupons that you can use to save money on your next visit, sometimes You'll have like free dog suits and cat foods or sometimes you'll even have things like 10% off your purchase and that can come in handy whenever you make a trip to the store.

I would highly suggest taking advantage of their reward programs because they really are beneficial in the end.


If you know that you need something, don't just go to the first store that you think of and buy the item, look at different stores and see who has the best price and then see if that store will match that price for you

For example, the cheese chews, as you know the cheese chews are pretty expensive, they usually run about $5 at Petco but they don't have to be $5, Walmart actually has a brand of these, that is like two or three dollars and then also Amazon. So just be sure to shop around for the best price and that way you're getting the best deal for your money.


This is going to be my golden tip for how to save money when you're at the pet store buying pet supplies. So the way I'm going to tell you how to do this is basically walk you through how I go about doing this before every single trip to the pet store.

The first thing I do is I make a list mentally or on my phone of everything that I need to get for whatever animal it is, normally is my hamster, she's the one who requires the most little bitty things that I want to buy her.

The second thing I do is I go on my phone and obviously my pet store of choice is Petco, so I usually go to Petco first. PetSmart is generally just more expensive but if I can't find something that I need at Petco I obviously will check at Petsmart.

I'm going to look up Ecotrition cheese chews as the example

Once I found the product that I'm looking for, I did look at the price that it is and see if it's on sale, so I have found the Ecotrition cheese chews they are normally $5 and they are on sale 46% off for $2.69 online and all I do is screenshot it, that takes a picture of the screen and save it to your camera roll

So once I go in the store, I've got my item, I go up to the checkout and then I show them that online is actually 46% off and Petco will match the online price.

A lot of people don't know that Petco actually has a policy that anything that's on their website that they sell in store if it is on sale they will match that price, so I make sure to do this before every single trip, that way I know I'm getting the best price that I can from the company.

So all I did was is use this method, I go on the website, look at the item, see if it's on sale, I screenshot it, take it to the store and I show it to them and it's that simple. It's not cheating the system or anything like that, you're just getting the on sale price and the store will honor it.

I've never done this method at Petsmart, but I'm pretty sure they would probably honor it.

So that is how I spend money on all of my pet supplies every single time I go to the store. You don't have to pay full price at a pet store, you can always look for deals, you just have to do a little bit of work but it is completely worth it and I highly suggest trying these tips and tricks.

MY STORY | From $0 To $1 Million (Shopify Dropshipping)

MY STORY | From $0 To $1 Million (Shopify Dropshipping)

My name is Matt and today I'm gonna be talking about my story and kind of how I got from where I was being a broke depressed college student to moving into my dream apartment building within a year.

I remember going to the store with my parents all time and going shopping and wanting to buy different items and my parents are always telling me oh we can't afford that, we can't afford to get this, we can't afford to get that, and I kind of grew up with the mindset that I was just one of those people who couldn't afford get the nice things that people had.

My parents always told me go to college get a good job and you'll be successful, but I knew that college wasn't the route that I wanted to take pretty early on.

When I got into high school and I saw the kind of lies that society tries to tell me and I just really didn't like the whole atmosphere of school, I hated going to school, listening to the teacher, I hated all that stuff so I knew that going to college wasn't in my best interest and I had to find some other way to make money.

It was about January of 2018, that I started my very first Ecommerce store and I made absolutely no money that first month, I actually ended up losing money my first-month advertising stuff courses and different things and there was in the second month my homie who was already doing Ecommerce, ended up showing me kind of mentoring me throughout the whole process.

Fast forward to about March of this year, I made 17 K that month and it was insane for me to go from making nothing and having like a part-time regular like retail job to actually making a decent amount of money and I ended up dropping out of school and just focusing full-time Ecommerce.

Fast-forward till about July of this year, me and my homie ended up starting a store together and we scaled it six figures in the first month and then in August of this year we started another store and we ended up scaling that store about $475,459.30 a month and then a couple months later we moved into our dream apartment in LA.

It's just crazy because a year ago I was literally just a broke college kid trying to figure out my way, trying to figure out my path in life and just being totally confused and lost and not knowing my direction in life.

For the first time in my life, I realized that being rich and having money wasn't necessarily something that you had to be born with, but it was actually something that you could work for it and actually get yourself.

                                                                                               By Matt Thomas

Sell on Amazon | Build Your Ecommerce Business

Sell on Amazon | Build Your Ecommerce Business

Today I'm going to share the best way to make money online in 2020 and beyond. So if you're brand new and you're looking to get started making money online but you're not quite sure where to start or what are the best opportunity for you to pursue in 2020 and beyond then this blog post is gonna help you with that.


Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. In fact just actually the other day I was just reading about Black Friday, it says on the Yahoo Finance (US Black Friday shoppers stay away from stores make 7 billion-plus splurge online) that's not even including cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is just after Black Friday where people are more known to actually buy online but the statistics and the data all shows and points to people buying less and less in physical retail stores, less and less people are buying from brick-and-mortar stores they're not buying from Walmart and Target.

If you think about it, it's such a hassle to get out of your house put on your shoes and get in your car drive to Walmart you can look for parking and then you're gonna walk through the aisles and you have to check out the product behind the clerk. This whole process of shopping is kind of getting more old-school compared to what you can do today. Today from the comfort of your home, you take out your phone you take out your computer, you can you have way more variety of products that are available on Amazon, you got Amazon Prime, you already got your credit card length you just fill out your shopping card hit checkout, and then before you know it the next day or a few days after that the products are arriving to your door.

The bigger opportunity on Amazon is private labeling products selling physical products, so for example, the process of that is deciding on a product that you want to sell in Amazon that has high potential high demands, and then what you do is you find a supplier that's manufacturing that product whether that supplier is in the United States whether it's in China whether it's in any other country around the world and you have the manufacturer the product you put your own packaging your own label on that product it's called private labeling if you can make the product better you should if you can make it improve it of course, you always want to do that or differentiate in some way but you then get that product made overseas, you ship it to the United States, or whatever Amazon platforms are selling it could be in Europe it could be in Canada it could be in Australia but you send it to Amazon's fulfillment centers and then you set up your Amazon listing and now you have your own real estate on Amazon's website, you have your own product your own product listing with images, the price, reviews all of that, and then you learn how to how to rank your product on Amazon, you can run Amazon ads, there's so many strategies available on how to sell your product but Amazon does a lot of the heavy lifting for you because they take care of the fulfillment for you and they even help you with the marketing of your product.

Amazon is not going away, the opportunity of it is huge with physical products as well as books, books are great as well when I look at books whether you want to write books yourself or hire a ghostwriter to write for you or partner with other authors, you can publish Kindle books, you can publish paperback books or hardcover books or audio books.

There's so much potential in Amazon. I think that's one of the greatest opportunities that has been for the last years but continues to grow, I don't see it slowing down, there's so much opportunity for someone that's brand-new because there's so many types of products that you can sell and there's not enough competition in my opinion because the amount of demand that consumers have on Amazon far outweighs the number of competition there that there is.

6 Tips on How to Save Money

6 Tips on How to Save Money

Tips on how to save more money, without necessarily needing to make any more income. These tips are for those who need to find a way to save on their expenses in order to retain more money at the end of the day.

6 Tips on How to Save Money

1. How to Save Money on Food

One of the most common ways to lose track of how much money you are spending is through the purchase of food. While most people budget for groceries and any foods they may need when around the house, most of us don’t budget for snacking or any “little” meals we may consume throughout the day.

To save on food, the first thing you should do is track all the money you spend on any foods you may take throughout the day. What did you have for lunch? Write it down. What did you purchase when you made a pit stop while on that road trip? Write it down. Do not forget to indicate how much it cost you. Writing down helps you put your food expense in perspective, which basically means that it is the easiest way to make yourself feel guilty for foods you may have avoided.

2. Carry packed lunch to work

In comparison, carrying packed lunch is way cheaper than buying lunch, and the difference can be up to half of the price. So, for instance, it could cost you $5 to buy lunch but cost you $2.50. In a year, you could save up to $500 just by carrying that brown bag to lunch. With that money, it is very possible to move out of that house with the awful neighbor.

Planning your meals in advance, and budgeting appropriately for what is planned for is yet another way to save money on food.

What are you most likely to eat every day, week or month?

The answer to this question gives you a shopping list that you can use when doing your grocery shopping. When you are shopping with a list, you are intentional. Essentially, this means that there is little chance you will pick that chocolate bar off the shelf because it is not in your list.

Finally, you can save both time and money by doubling the meals you make when cooking. If you are making dinner, the quantity should be enough such that the food is leftover for another meal, maybe your lunch the next day. This ensures the efficient use of ingredients as the two meals are made with one batch of them. However, be sure to refrigerate the food that is left over to ensure that it doesn’t get spoilt.

3. How to Save Money on Transportation

Transportation is yet another area of spending that uses up quite a big percentage of household incomes.

In 2017, almost 16 percent of incomes around the United States were spent on moving from one place to another. This percentage is quite high, especially considering that you could simply walk to your destination without ever needing to spend a penny.

This is actually our first tip on saving money in transportation; take a walk when you can. Some distances are short and don’t necessarily need you to get into your car and drive there. If you can, try and shorten the distance from work and/or school to your house by moving closer to them. Alternatively, where the distance to work or to school is too long to walk, you can instead cycle, but only when convenient.

What are the yearly payments that you make for your car insurance? Are you getting an affordable deal or just the most convenient one? Every year, before renewing your car insurance with your current insurer, check the rates offered by competing companies. Chances are, you could make savings on your insurance if you were not too lazy to see if there are any viable alternatives.

To save on transportation costs, regularly maintain and service your car. What you might not realize is that issues such as tires that have not been well-inflated or an engine that has not been tuned use more fuel than one that has undergone these maintenance services. While the margin by which you save might look to be small in the moment, these savings could add up to $1000 annually.

4. How to Save on Banking, Credit, and Debt

First, budget for any debt you have and pay off your credit cards in full every month. When budgeting for your income, assign between 10 and 15% to pay off any debts you may have, including student loans and mortgages. This ensures that each month, you are constantly reducing your debt. Also, by fully paying off your credit cards, you don’t incur any rates that would lead you to debt and cost you even more money. Plus, you get to enjoy the cashback. I hope that by now, you have a savings account, and if you don’t, you are walking to the bank right now to get one.

Savings accounts are how you pay yourself, which should be done before you start spending the money you earned. Every month, it is recommended that you direct 10% to 15% of your income towards saving. To make saving easier, give yourself a goal.

What would you really like to do? Go for a safari, buy a new car, or get that ridiculously huge and expensive TV? How much will you need to achieve your goal? Also, as you try to get out of debt, you can use free debt counseling services on how you can best do it. Simply type “free debt counseling” on your search engine and explore the options that you have.

These non-profit counselors can advise you on how best to budget in order to finish off your debt, and how you can negotiate with creditors with regards to repaying their money. Negotiating could ensure that you do not pay extreme interest rates, and budgeting for the payment prevents you from getting into more debt as you attempt to get out of it.

5. How to Save on Family, Friends, and Home

Gift-giving is an expensive affair, which is why it should be budgeted for and limits placed where necessary. When you put a limit on how much can be spent on buying gifts and how many of them each person can receive, you save a lot during the holidays. Also, the most thoughtful gifts are not necessarily usually the most expensive ones. So make sure you plan for special gifts because I can promise you, guilt is one sure way to spend quite a bit of money.

Most importantly, when you have decided to start a family, start saving for college and any material needs the baby might need right from when they are born all through college. It is never too early to start saving for that little one.

When purchasing clothes for your family, make sure that they are affordable without being cheap. In the long-run, it will cost you more to repair and regularly replace a garment than it would to buy a quality alternative. Quality clothes can be used over a long period of time, and could even be passed down to other family members.

As for your home, first, ensure that you regularly maintain and clean it. Doing this saves on expenses that you may incur in doing repairs for faults made by the accumulation of dirt or the lack of maintenance. Whenever possible, refinance your mortgage for lower interest rates.

Explore and find out whether it is possible for you to get an alternative lender for your mortgage, preferably one who charges a lower interest rate. The savings you make on reduced interest rates ensure that you accumulate home equity much faster, which increases your ability to cover large emergency expenditures.

Finally, to save on your home, actively cut down on the energy you are using and use less water when going about your duties. To do this, cut down on any energy use that is obviously unnecessary or pointless. For example, on hot days, before firing up the AC, open your windows to let air in, and determine if the cooling from the air is sufficient. Low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators are some of the ways through which you can reduce the amount of water you use in your home.

6. Other Saving Tips

Where possible, share resources. While it might be more convenient to own your own pool, it is definitely cheaper to set up a pool with neighbors.

do you really need your own lawnmower? Building an emergency fund is another way of ensuring that you are saving money. Emergencies come up all the time, and having such a kit ensures that you have a backup in case of anything.

Keeping loose change can also help you save. Every day, throw your loose change into a container and after a while, you can deposit it into the bank. You will be surprised at how much you can save from that.

Use hard cash instead of cards, especially where you have a problem with overspending. When you need to spend a particular amount of money for a particular purpose, carry the exact amount in hard cash and leave your cards in your house or in your car.

Always budget for entertainment and other similar activities. When you don’t assign them a specific percentage from your income, you are more likely to eat into money budgeted for other things.

Use applications that help manage money. A variety of them are available for free on any of the stores. With a money manager, you can track your spending right from your income, and you can use it to budget. Some apps offer financial advice from what they can observe from your spending.

Write down ALL your spending, preferably in a physical book. It might be tedious, knowing where your money goes but it gives you perspective, enough that you know on which areas you need to reduce spending to save.

Having more money without earning more might seem impossible, but if you apply the suggestions given, you might find that it is much easier than you thought.